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Previously I saw BrainPOP's features as nice to have, but the course really helped me to see their academic value and how I can use them to engage and educate students.
I now plan to include product differentiation within the formal lesson, so students will now have the option to choose their final product.
Your session was worth the price of the entire admission to ISTE. If that's the only thing I did, it would have been worth it. I am so glad I got into this session because it will change my whole school year for the better. Thank you so much!

Deliver Meaningful Professional Development


Teachers of all grades and subjects benefit from our workshops, which are proven to inspire more meaningful usage of BrainPOP.


Each workshop is delivered on your schedule, with ample opportunity to ask questions and address your unique goals.


Each workshop models pedagogical best practices and leaves teachers with strategies to start using right away.

Build a Better Lesson with BrainPOP

Maximize your BrainPOP subscription to help all students build knowledge, support critical and creative thinking, and assess understanding. Learn how to incorporate BrainPOP content and tools across your curriculum, and equip teachers with the confidence and tools to reach all learners remotely or in the classroom. This workshop can be customized to grade level and subject area of your choice.

Note: We strongly recommend scheduling this workshop first, followed by other workshop options below for a deep dive into the key instructional areas of your choice.

$535 1 hour virtual workshop
$800 1.5 hour virtual workshop
$2035 half day virtual or in-person workshop*, 3 hours
$3135 Full day virtual or in-person* workshop (with option to focus 1/2 day on Creative Coding), 6 hours
English Language Learning

Get the inside scoop on BrainPOP ELL! Together we'll explore how our WIDA-aligned, 90 sequential lessons develop vocabulary, grammar, and conversational language through the four modalities--listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Or, learn how BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. supports language learners in grade-level content and language development.

$535 1 hour virtual workshop
$2035 half day virtual or in-person workshop*, 3 hours
$3135 Full day virtual or in-person* workshop, 6 hours
Assessment and Differentiation

Discover multiple options for formative and summative assessment, and ways to differentiate those assessments utilizing BrainPOP's content and tools. We'll also explore how to effectively assess understanding and progress through data and projects students create with BrainPOP's creativity tools. Gain practical strategies for teaching students with a range of readiness, interests, and learning needs.

$3135 Full day virtual or in-person* workshop, 6 hours
Custom coaching options
Content Based Coding and Computational Thinking

Discover best practices for integrating coding to your curriculum and building computational thinking skills. We will explore BrainPOP’s text- and block-based creative coding projects - and learn how they support your curricular goals. Next we will model assessment practice for coding projects: evaluating process, code, content, and creativity.

$2035 half day virtual or in-person workshop*, 3 hours
$3135 Full day virtual or in-person* workshop, 6 hours
BrainPOP Science and New Approaches to Science Education

BrainPOP Science is designed to support new approaches to teaching science. We offer a variety of workshops and formats to demonstrate effective implementation for our phenomenon driven investigations that support the CER process. We explore customized simulations, "data manipulatives" and immersive 3D worlds across all scientific disciplines and discuss how these digital resources are a catalyst for teacher transformation.

Prices Vary single workshops or series, in-person or online - contact us to discuss.
Embedded Professional Learning

Host a BrainPOP Professional Learning Strategist to deliver a custom learning experience your teachers and administration. From modeling a class lesson to facilitating faculty meetings or small-group training, you'll see best practices in action. This workshop fits in a traditional school day so no need for substitute teachers, extra hours, or PD days.

$3,500 Full day, fully customized. Available in-person* only, 6 hours
*In-person workshops will be available when it’s safe to hold in-person events again. Ask about our customized and embedded PD options.


Our global community of Certified BrainPOP Educators (CBE) provides direct feedback to BrainPOP developers and enjoys perks like exclusive news on upcoming features.

This program helps educators gain mastery of BrainPOP's tools and is proven to help deliver them more effective, meaningful learning experiences. Our studies show:

68% showed intent to shift to more progressive, student-centered pedagogical models when using BrainPOP.

Overall, educators expressed greater comfort in teaching complex/sensitive topics utilizing BrainPOP’s tools.

A pedagogical shift that includes effective strategies for blended learning through promoting student voice and choice.


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